Hanoi Capital warmly welcom 1000 years ‘s Thang Long. Thang Long it mean “Dragon flights” was the first name of Hanoi. The city was founded in 1010 by Ly Thai To, who was the King of Ly dinasty establisted  New Capital for Vietnam

The Flag Tower in Thang Long Citadel


The North Gate of Thang Long Citadel. Hanoi’s Thang Long citadel as a World Cultural Heritage Site

The North Gate in present

Hanoi Temple literature as the same age of Thang Long. It was the First University of Vietnam.


Now Temple Literature as a famous site for visitors



Hanoi Temple Literature in 2010

Hanoian Girls

All Students enjoy very much to touch on the head of Turtle, which carry Doctor stele. They hope to get lucky in the future. Previously, when someone pass an examination and then become Doctor, their name entered to stone stele


A Caligraphy Exhibition

Hanoi has Hoan Kiem lake

Legend in the 15th century was rename Hoan Kiem Lake, associated with the God  sword legenf return to the Turtle, recorded the victory of the struggle of 10 years against the Vietnam people’s army Minh ( 1417 – 1427 ) under the leadership of Le Loi. Legend has it that when Le Loi insurrection in Lam Son ( Thanh Hoa Province) has opened a sword, then picked up a string in the field plowing and merge them into sword, name Thuan Thien. This precious sword by Le Loi during the restance against Minh aggressors
When the throne of his capital in Thang long, the King once went boating on the Luc Thuy lake, suddenly a Turtle appeared. Le Thai To king ( Le Loi ) draw sword from the shell, hoding the sword and then the sword flying to the Turtle. Suck the sword, the Turtle diving to the bottom of the lake. And since then the Luc Thuy lake called Hoan Kiem lake ( “Hoan Kiem” meaning are “return sword” ) or Sword lake.

Statue of Le Thai To nearby Hoan Kiem Lake


Many people gather to welcom Thang Long 1000 years

The Huc bridge of Sword lake


The Huc in 1940s

The Huc bridge in Thuan’s painting

Around Hoan Kiem Lake in the past

Sword lake in 2010


The Street Artist Nearby lake

A young artist knead colored dough into colored paste roses or animals


Hoan Kiem Lake at night


Dinh Tien Hoang St in the first time of 20th century

Flower for sale around Hoan Kiem lake previously

Dragon dance in the Street to welcom Thang Long ‘s 1000 years

Babers in the past

Baber in 2010

Hanoi Church

Hang Ngang Street in the last century

Hanoi in my soul. Oil on canvas paint in 2010

Hang Trong Street

Hang Non Street in 1930s

Hang Bot St in present

Hanoi in the rain at night. Oil on canvas by Thuan Nguyen

Thang Long Girl in longdress

Hanoian women parade on Oct 10, 2010

Red river port in 1900s

View from North of Red river. The Thang Long bridge is on the right

View from the South of Red river. The Vinh Tuy bridge is on the right


West Lake. In Hanoi, there are many lakes, but West Lake ( meaning the lake located on the west of capital ) is biggest

The end

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