The Ambassador of the France Republic H.E Mr Jean Fransois Blarel

The Swedish Ambassador H.E Md Anna Lindstedt at the opening ceremony

Mr Eric BERTI first counsellor (French Embassy) with Lady Madeleine Berti at the Exhibition


An Old hamlet (oil on canves: 73×90 cm)
(Sold US $ 1,500)

Harvert day (oil on canvas: 80×100 cm)
(Sold US $ 1,730)


A River in An Giang province (oil on canvas: 60×80 cm)
(Sold US $ 1,120)

Mr Pierre Blanchard, first secretary (French Embassy) 
 at the opening ceremory with Lady Annick Blanchard

A Sunny lane(oil on canvas: 52×36 cm)
(Sold US $ 690)

An Afternoon in north-west (49 x 63 cm, oil on canvas)
(Sold US $ 840)

An poor hamlet (80 x100 cm, oil on canvas)
Sold US $ 1,000)

Thuan at the opening ceremony