” Journey of the Rainbow ” ART exhibition by Singapore Artists : Sheila Tang, Chong Nyok Lee, Tan Siew Tin, Joyce Zhang ShiYue, Monica Chua Ah Huwa, Ho Pui Lai Carol, Lee Chew Lay and Invited artist from Vietnam – Nguyen Huu Thuan. Sponsored and supported by Tanjong Parga Art Club and Tiong Bahru Arts Centre.

” Journey of the rainbow ” was displayed paintings at the Tanjong Parga Art Gallery.

” Rainbow ” Flyer

Thuan in Tanjong Pagar opening ceremony at ART gallery (No. 101, Cantonment Road, Singapore 089 774))

A Autumn day ( 49 x 63 cm, oil on canvas)

 Singapore River

An old street.

An Indian Temple

 A Malaysian Temple

China street

Singapore center