Lawyer Alan Lippincott, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BUSINESS ADVISORS PRESIDENT, who invited Thuan to the United States of America for painting exhibition

Dr.Lawyer Dao Nguyen, Southern California business Advisors Officer, Who made Invitation Letter to Thuan

Thuan with Mrs Sylvia Lippincott – Marketing Manager

Exhibition “Landscapes of Vietnam” at community events – Court Far East newspaper. Moran Street, Westminster. California

Thuan and Nguyen Dieu Thuy Painter (2nd from left)

Dinh Nghi artist, gallery owner, “FRAME & ART”

A day out ( Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm )

Bolsa street ( Little SAIGON – Westminster city )

The sea in summer (Oil on canvas, 100x120cm)

Have lunch

East Grand Ave Street, City ESCONDIDO – CALI

Thuan and Robert Wright artist, the “ROBERT WRIGHT GALLERY” City of Escondido

Colorado river

Gallery paintings exhibited at Robert Wright (City of Escondido – California)

Village temple (49 x 63 cm, oil on canvas) sold

Japanese village in Southern California

Performing on the streets of Los Angeles

At Grand Canyon – Arizona

Two artists Van Khoa (left) and Dac Nha in artwork studios, Garden Grove

Huntington Beach seaside

Thuan in Grand Canyon – Arizona

Greg Lawson Galleries (Escondido city – California)

At Las Vesgas

Hotel MGM

Grand Canyon, famous tourist destination in the state of the United States AZIRONA

The main door of the hotel – casino in Las Vegas

River in An Giang (58 x 62 cm, oil on canvas) sold

Vi Khang Uncle, 81, who lives in the city of Garden Grove – California


Hanoi 1973 (49 x 63 cm, oil on canvas) Sold

Universal City

At the City of Cinema Hollywood

Thuan with 2 paintings  Vietnam painter Nguyen Phan Chanh (right) and Liu Wen De, in the gallery ” Frame & Art “Moran Road, Westminster – California

Thuan and Jeanine artist at the gallery “Artisan’s Gallery & More”, 224 East Grand Ave, Escondido- Cali