Thuan enter the Hanoi National University to study in Tourism Faculty, in order to become a Professional Tour Guide. The learner not only understand the history of place-name but also has a good commentary in Foreign language, as well as take care visitor’s activities. There are some images of Trip for Trainee Guide Group from Lang Son – Vietnam to Nanning – China, in which Thuan participated as a member. The guide job is interesting because Thuan will has been visiting many sites to get inspirate for painting.

National Road No1. From Lang Son to Ca Mau province

Chi Lang pass. It include 52 places over 20 km ( about 12 miles ), where the victory of Vietnamese solder led by Le Loi  defeated the troop’s Ming Emperor of China in 1427. After that, Ming troop in Dong Quan Citadel ( Now is Hanoi capital) was surrendered. In 1428 Le Loi to become the King Le Thai To.

Chi Lang Museum of Lang Son province.

The weapon of Vietnamese solder in the 15 century

Vietnamese’s cannon of the 15 century are displaying in Chi Lang museum.

The Trainee group walking up to Mac citadel

Mac Citadel

Master Le Anh, vice of Tourism Department is talking ” how come for  have a good commentary” at the Mac citadel

A learner gives a lecture about Lang Son province

At the border line between Vietnam and China.

Nam Quan pass in the border line area. It was built in early Ming dynasty of China following feng shui : The entrance in front of its is big  and small rear. Now it was renamed : Frienfship Gate. Vietnamese National Road No1 starts from this gate, which lie less than 5 km North of the Dong Dang Town in Lang Son province, ending Nam Can Town in Ca Mau province

Thuan is the second one from left in the Trainee Team at Nam quan pass

Bang Tuong Town in China’s Guangxi province about 10 miles from the border

The Asian Road ( Freeway G72 ) from Bang Tuong to Nanning about over 100 miles

The Asian Road in Nanning

At the Asian intersection of Nanning city, which capital of Guangxi province

The trainee group at the China-Asian center for market festival every year in Nanning

Nanning city

Nanning downtown

The Trainee Group visited Medicinal Plant Garden of Ngu Phuong Trai Medicine Oriental

… seaking the leg in the hot medicine water and examine free of charge

And then the guide is speaking medicine product for sale by Vietnamese language

Nanning downtown at night

Inside Wal-Mark, almost chinese words, seldom the English