You are invited to visit Nguyen Van Quy Musicians at 13 Nguyen Quang Bich, located in the old quarter of Hanoi. This year he has turned 86 with a massive music store.

Friends call him the world ‘s Beethoven, because he composed 9 the Sonatas,
Violin and Piano composed for, and Beethoven as much as 10 symphonies. But he said: “To compare with Beethoven, it can not.” It is affectionately known as the king of Sonata Mr. He is the only musician Vietnam are participating Author Rights Protection Society International, and He asked: “Anyone Vietnam who uses my work did not pay royalties”

He is not only the success of Symphony that prewar but also he has shaken many people’s hearts songs such as Da Khuc, Lot She Village, Huyen Trang Xua Me, Ball afternoon. Listen to the words of Mr. absorbent dark love, moved away from hatred. He was a discreet life without much socializing. He said: “For decades in the country who use it in my own work. I think people are born to first know cramped emotional clarity in mind, the new master of wisdom. From new construction that good society, nation and for myself. “. He listened squarely sadness, pity about the human condition, but equally uplifting, calming, hope in a bright tomorrow.
But those who live abroad know him much better future. His Sonata for pharmaceutical researchers to music, the artists and the audience recognized world is unique.
A German after hearing a symphony of private home he exclaimed: “The country of his present difficulties but also with works like this performance, he and Vietnam who have autonomy trench “. Musician Nguyen Van Quy was 3 times French colleagues are invited to visit and see his musical performances.

Le Van Khoa musician, acclaimed musician from the South before, now residing in the United States has known “Yeah Song” and other songs of Nguyen Van Quy long, but so many historical events 2 no one person encounters. The late 90s of last century Khoa Nguyen Van Quy donated $ 100. The heart of an overseas musician but not too abundant for the poor in the country musician was very touching. For the first time in spring 2008, the two musicians first met in Hanoi as aspired. Photo from left: Le Minh Khai (son Khoa Musician), Nguyen Van Quy, Khoa Nguyen Huu Thuan va.

He was a genius. Nguyen Van Quy childhood school field. Despite continuing education for 2 years from 1953 to 1954 of the Paris Academy of Music in Hanoi, as he once told me that the music school, but he has struggled to rise. With extraordinary contributions to their music, Nguyen Van Quy was awarded Patrimoenia 2009, Patrimoine fund and Gestion SA, based in Switzerland, annually honors those who have made contributions to the protection and cultural creativity to humanity.

The entire amount of awards he gave the children’s center in 2 cities misfortune largest northern and southern Vietnam.

At the Swiss Ambassador’s residence in Hanoi, people have honored him

One speaker was reading his poetry

Violin and Piano musicians are preparing to perform the works of Nguyen Van Quy.

Nguyen Van Quy (first from left) are listening to his compositions.

The audience at the ceremony honoring all of the works of Nguyen Van Quy

Nguyen Van Quy musician husband and Swiss Ambassador

Now he lives with his family to the area is a few tens of square meters, with a pension of a teacher’s college (college) Hanoi Pedagogy, to qualify new frugal.

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